April 22, 2016


'Selfie Style': The Summer Set Take Pics & Recall Their First Show

Let's be honest here: The Summer Set are a pretty good-looking band. We asked the pop-rockers to show us their Selfie Style, and you know what? We were totally impressed. The trick is you've got to be willing to put in the time to make the photograph perfect.

The band also detailed its first concert ever. Frontman Brian Logan Dales explained:

"All I really remember from our first gigs is we pre-sold tickets at our high school. Most of the kids at my high school were jocks and bros who at the time didn't want to listen to our band but they wanted to support and they'd buy tickets off me. They would go to our shows and moshpit, just fight each other the whole time. Our first shows were way more punk rock."

Watch the full clip below.