April 11, 2016


The Summer Set Talk Warped Tour & Gender Double Standards: Video

The Summer Set flirt with the line between pop and punk like none other, so it's all but surprising they've found their way to Warped Tour on more than one occasion. In the new interview above, the band describe their relationship with the traveling punk rock circus. 

Singer Brian Logan Dales starts:

"It made us a band. It literally built us, to some degree. It definitely makes a man out of you. It gives you an appreciation and toughness for touring, for what it takes to do this for a long period of time."

Drummer Jess Bowen adds, "It's a humbling tour because no band can have that rock star ego of 'I'm the headliner of this.'"

One thing you might immediately notice about the Summer Set is that they have a female percussionist. It shouldn't be considered a rarity to have a woman in your band, but it is in this male-dominated pop-punk scene. We asked Bowen about the experience:

"I think I've been doing this for so long it's hard for me to be like, 'I'm a female in this industry.' I'm just doing my job. Whether I'm a girl or a guy I have to be a solid drummer. If I wasn't a good enough drummer I wouldn't be in this band, first and foremost. Being a female, I hope I can inspire other females to do that. You shouldn't look at an instrument and think, 'That's a male-dominated instrument, I can't do that.' I try to work my way through those stereotypes and those sexist remarks that I've come across throughout touring with this band."

Below, spend more time with The Summer Set in another segment from our interview. When you're done there, check out this clip where the band names their five favorite punk acts.