May 26, 2016


​'Fluffy Breaks Even' Comedian Alfred Robles Shares the Best Advice Gabriel Iglesias Gave Him

Sure, they're now best friends and co-starring on Fluffy Breaks Even together, but Alfred Robles tells us Gabriel Iglesias gave him some priceless advice when the comic was still trying to make a name for himself.

While recalling his hilariously awkward early days, Robles tells us the No. 1 way Iglesias inspired him:

"He pulled me aside and he told me, 'You're a funny guy, you have funny jokes, you're real creative.' And then he says, 'Just don't cuss. If you don't cuss, it's going to take you a long way. You don't want to stay in L.A., you don't want to be a "L.A. comic."' And sure enough, I've gone to Australia, I've gone to Europe, my material has crossed over."

After you watch Robles take a trip down memory lane, watch him give his tips for the perfect selfie below.