Babymetal Talk Their First Performance Ever, Meeting the Fox God: Watch

After more than a half-decade together, Babymetal has now become one of Japan's representative groups on the international music scene. But the members say they weren't as confident in their band at the start.

Su-metal recalls her feelings during the groups' first-ever performance to Fuse:

"We were given the chance to perform one song at a big concert event. What I remember clearly was during the interlude of our song 'Doki Doki Morning,' we all pretend to fall to the ground...I was afraid that people would just laugh at us and it would be embarrassing, but their reaction made me feel happy and at that time I thought this is who Su-metal is, this is what Babymetal is."

The girls also say they've learned how to better depend on one another onstage to create the best concerts possible that you can see for yourself during their ongoing 2016 world tour.