May 2, 2016


LunchMoney Lewis Reveals How Fast Meghan Trainor Records: Video

We've only got two weeks left til Meghan Trainor drops her sophomore album, Thank You, on May 13. One of the songs we're anticipating the most is "I Love Me," a joint produced with LunchMoney Lewis, known for his work with Dr. Luke and Nicki Minaj.

So we were extra excited when we got to watch Trainor invite LunchMoney onstage at Beale Street Music Festival this weekend to do the track together. Backstage, Fuse got a chance to talk to LunchMoney about the whole shindig and get the scoop behind the song.

"I was a big fan of her music because we have a good soul background," he told us. "Her family and my family are really music people, and we just got really cool."

The producer also explained that he had "I Love Me" done for a few months before presenting it to Meghan, knowing that she'd dig the vibe, and he said that she sent it back to him with her parts within a day. Talk about the grind!

Watch more LunchMoney below in a video we pulled out of the Fuse treasure chest: