May 17, 2016


Ferry Corsten Explains Why His Gouryella Alias Made a Comeback

Ferry Corsten has been on DJ scene since the '90s, which has seen the Dutch producer delivering loads of tracks under his birth name, in addition to a slew of beloved aliases. One of his most beloved is Gouryella, which is focused on uplifting trance music and hasn't been heard from since 1999. The Gouryella guise made a comeback last year via the track "Anahera" and it continued with a set at Electric Daisy New York 2016 on Saturday (May 14).

Corsten told us backstage at the festival about why Gouryella made a comeback in 2015:

"I felt like bringing Gouryella back for a certain personal tiredness of what was going on in the scene. I was sick and tired of all the 'Put your hands up, put your fucking hands up!' whatever. Without getting too sentimental, I felt like I wanted to bring back that old sentiment and emotion from the turn of the century type-of-thing. I thought it was the right moment."

The trance producer also explained the differences between himself as an artist and Gouryella:

"In a Ferry Corsten track, I would use certain elements that would be used in a house track or an electro track or a big-room track. I would use those elements and still make it trance-y, but it still has that other character. That is not something I would do in a Gouryella track, a Gouryella track is very specific and different."

Watch above for more from Corsten including whether or not he'd ever make an album under the Gouryella guise. Then watch a slew of EDC acts, including Corsten, tell us why they love the festival: