Good Charlotte Interview: On The Hiatus, Comeback & 'Youth Authority' Album

Good Charlotte announced their reunion late last year, and the move was a long time coming. The guys called it quits in 2011 but continued to pop up in the music world in different ways—especially twin frontmen Benji and Joel Madden, who in the interim acted as coaches on The Voice Australia and mentored pop-rock powerhouse 5 Seconds of Summer. We had to ask: Why the hiatus in the first place? Benji explained in this new interview:

"We started Good Charlotte in 1996. This year it's 20 years. We got signed in 1999 and we were really touring and on the road from '99 to 2011. That's a good, over a decade. We needed time to find out who we were outside of the band. All of us [needed] to explore other interests and miss each other a little bit."