May 16, 2016


'Homefront: The Revolution' Developer Takes Us Inside the New Game: Video

One of the gaming world's most-anticipated action releases of 2016, Homefront: The Revolution, is upon us. The five-years-later sequel to Homefront switches from a linear narrative to an open world structure set in Philadelphia in 2029. Developer Stephen Rhodes, in the above interview with Fuse, says:

"The main difference really is that you're a guerrilla fighter in this game, rather than you being a front-line soldier. This is much more of a guerrilla warfare scenario."

Watch as Rhodes walks us through Homefront: The Revolution gameplay video showcasing the setting, some weapon conversions (Rhodes is psyched about "a crossbow that turns into a blunderbuss that turns into a flamethrower") and the game's new level of tactical depth. Homefront: The Revolution lands on PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 17.

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