May 18, 2016


'Grey's Anatomy' Star Jason George Talks Dr. Ben Warren, Joining the Cast Full Time

Jason George plays the debonair Dr. Ben Warren on the award-winning program Grey's Anatomy. The actor told Fuse all about the role:

"I signed on to play Ben Warren like five or six, maybe more years ago. I was always a reoccurring character on the show in a few episodes as a love interest...This was the first season I was able to sign on as a regular. I tried it once or twice before. I had no idea what to expect."

We asked him if he relates to his character and it turns out...he totally does! George continued:

"Ben and I are similar in a lot of ways in that he can't stand by and do nothing. He was an anesthesiologist for years. He's been a doctor for a long time. He's basically rolling out with his bags of cash. He shows up, he knocks 'em out, makes sure they don't die, wakes 'em back up but he got inspired and went back to try and be a surgeon. He got really inspired."

Watch the full interview above.