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He Said What?

Watch the Wildest Things Kanye West Told Us in 2005

Quoth Young Yeezy: "To anybody that's up-and-coming: If you get your first check, definitely spend it on jewelry. Especially if you like sex as much as I did"

Flashback to September 2005: Kanye West had just released his sophomore album Late Registration, his first No. 1 album, which produced the single "Gold Digger," his second No. 1 hit. In this classic interview from the Fuse vault, a young Yeezus talks about his love of tracksuits, turning his rap career into a Super Mario metaphor, and why "almost dying is one of the best things that could happen to a rapper."

Oh Kanye, never change.

Keep the love for Kanye's expensive taste going with this look at the Top 5 sneaker-rapper collaborations of the past year:

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