May 24, 2016


Kat DeLuna on the Power of Being Naked, Working With Jeremih: Interview

Kat DeLuna's "Bum Bum" video that dropped last summer is one of her most revealing moments to date (there's a scene where she isn't wearing clothes), and the singer believes embracing your body is a good thing.

She explained to Fuse why being naked feels powerful:

"I wanted to take off the clothes—not just to show off, but to show that yes I'm a woman, yes I am human. And I'm here to celebrate this. This doesn't mean just sexual, this means power. That was an experiment which was great thanks to my fans, but I never did that before. So people could have looked at it like 'Kattt!', but I did it tastefully."

Watch below as Kat DeLuna dives further into her upcoming U.S. sophomore album (out in June), its most unexpected sounds and how her collaboration with Jeremih on new single, "What A Night," came about: