May 19, 2016


Les Twins Compare Their Recording Process to Shopping: Interview

Les Twins (a.k.a. identical brothers Laurent and Larry Bourgeois) have already mastered the dance world, and now they are taking their talents to music. The artists, whose "You Don't Know Me" video recently premiered on Fuse, sat down with us to reveal their mindset when in the recording studio:

"For us, if the song doesn't become gold in the second the music starts, if we don't jump around or anything...change it. It has to be crazy, it's like shopping. When you are shopping you cannot be like, 'hmm I don't know. You don't need to try on the jacket. You know yes or not, this is now your money goes."

Below, watch Les Twins share their thoughts on what's going on in the dance world and reflect on their journey to fame:

"We started in Paris and doing street shows. We didn't have people taking care of us. We didn't have any information to contact us. So we take care of each other, but we don't have anybody like, 'Alright come on, let's do a show over here' or 'Let me call you.'"