May 11, 2016


Les Twins Video Premiere: 'You Don’t Know Me' (Exclusive)

Les Twins, aka identical brothers Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, have been featured dancers for the likes of Beyoncé and Missy Elliott for a few years, but now they’ve got their own music on lock and Fuse has the exclusive premiere of their brand new video for “You Don’t Know Me.” Check it out in the video player above right now.

The French twins, who’ve also danced alongside Meghan TrainorChris Brown, and David Guetta to name just a few, bring a dramatic, super chilling black-and-white vibe to their “You Don’t Know Me” clip, as they drop rhymes as cold as steel.

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Les Twins also stopped by Fuse ahead of this video premiere, to talk about inspirations, the famous people they’ve worked with, how “Missy was mad that Beyoncé found us first,” and of course, dance. “We have just one thing better than anybody else,” they say. “That’s dance.” 

Watch the clip below: