May 16, 2016


Lewis del Mar Discuss Their Breakout Single, "Loud(y)": Watch (1)

Lewis del Mar aren't a household name just yet, but they're certainly taking the New York City music scene by storm... and they have one song in particular to thank for it. The dynamic duo of Danny Miller and Max Harwood released the song earlier this year and it continues to pick up traction. Miller explains the song's origins:

"When we released 'Loud(y),' it was definitely a big surprise for us to see the reaction. We recorded it all in Max's bedroom so I think there was an element of it where it still felt like there was almost one more step to take it. In the end we learned sometimes those really natural processes are what yield the best result."

Max Harwood continued the conversation about how the song came together. Watch the interview above, and check out "Loud(y)" below: