May 24, 2016


Lunchmoney Lewis Explains Why He & Meghan Trainor are ‘Kindred Spirits’

Following the success of his single “Bills,” Lunchmoney Lewis has become an in-demand studio collaborator while prepping his debut solo album. During the recent Beale Street Music Festival, Lewis told Fuse about his experiences working with everyone from Meghan Trainor and Thomas Rhett, and how it’s making him a stronger musician.

“I’m very open musically, so I’m not really rushing to put the album out,” says Lewis. “I just want to keep feeding people music, and then the album will follow, and it’ll be something you guys love.”

Watch above as Lewis describes working with Trainor, and what to expect from his first LP. Below, check out another Beale Street highlight: Yo Gotti telling us about the controversy surrounding his music video for “Law.”