May 11, 2016


Mario Says 'I Need More' Is the Perfect Intro to 'Dark, Sexy' New Album: Video Interview

Mario's gearing up for his fifth studio album, Paradise Cove, and it kicked off with the trap-inspired, R&B/hip-hop single "I Need More." While the singer has gone in different sonic directions throughout his career (see his 2009 Gucci Mane collabo "Break Up"), the aggressive new cut likely marks the most unexpected from the smooth crooner and the star says he's enjoying the reaction:

"A lot of the album is not that aggressive. There are songs that are more R&B-driven, but [for] the first single I wanted to do something that was fun, abstract, R&B/hip-hop type of record. That's why I chose 'I Need More.' I'm getting the reaction that I wanted: Some people are like, 'That's different, I don't know...' and they hit me two days later like, 'Yo! I love it!' And some people love it straight up top. I wanted to shock people and get that shock value."

The singer adds that he's working on a music video to accompany the track that will also showcase an unexpected side of himself.

Watch above for more as Mario reveals more details about "I Need More" and Paradise Cove that he promises will include "dark and sexy shit." 

After watching, spin the new track below: