May 6, 2016


Melanie Martinez Tells The Stories Behind Her Coolest Tattoos: Video

Our latest Fuse First artist, Melanie Martinez, has one of the coolest sets of tattoos in all of music right now, and along with hearing about her Cry Baby album and personal aesthetic, we had to learn more about her body art when we recently sat down with the singer-songwriter. 

Watch above as Martinez breaks down some of her most eye-popping ink, when and where she picked them up and what inspired some of her favorite tattoos.

Watch below as Melanie goes through her Cry Baby album track-by-track. Tune in to see the "Pity Party" video and more exclusive content with current Fuse First artist Melanie Martinez on Fuse, and on the new Fuse TV app on Apple and Android. Find Fuse in your area with our Channel Finder.