May 6, 2016


Metal Musicians Talk Mother's Day: Watch Incite & The Darkness Offer Tips

Everyone who's had the privilege of being born has a mother. Metal musicians aren't exempt, no matter how brutal their tunes and personae. To celebrate Mother's Day, we asked U.K. glam guys The Darkness (in the video above) and Incite screamer Richie Cavalera (down below) what they've got up their sleeves. 

The Darkness agreed you should call your mom, send some flowers, "take her out to dinner or whatever," as frontman Justin Hawkins proposed. "One should always treasure one's mother," he continued.

Richie Cavalera (son of Sepultura/Soulfly frontman Max Cavalera) takes the day very seriously as well. "Our mom, Gloria, she's the queen, she runs it, she keeps everybody in line," he says.

Watch that chat below, then find out how metal you actually are with our quiz and see how many of our must-own metalhead albums are in your collection. Happy Metal Mother's Day!