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Electric Daisy Carnival 2016

Dash Berlin Coins 'PEDM Hop' at Electric Daisy Carnival 2016

The Dutch DJ walks us through a new genre

The craziest time of year for EDM is always Electric Daisy Carnival...it's why the fest takes place in a few cities over the course of the summer. At the New York installment, we caught up with Dutch dance collective Dash Berlin to talk about what Jeffrey Sutorius, the face of Dash Berlin, refers to as "PEDM Hop":

"I haven't been playing out as much on the main stage. There's a new single, it's called 'Gold.' It's what I call 'PEDM Hop.' It stands for 'positive electronic dance music, hop.' It goes over a wider spectrum than just dance music."

Watch the conversation in full above. When you're done, check out our interview with Dada Life below and check out a few more video interviews from EDC by clicking here.

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