May 18, 2016


He Said What? Redman Wants to Clean Your Teeth (And Make a Sex Video Game)

Welcome back to Say What?, our weekly Wednesday wackiness digest. This time we've got an archival Fuse chat with Redman, whose ambitions we think will surprise you.

In addition to the rap game, Red wants to expand to directing, designing a sex-oriented video game, and being a dental hygienist. Yup: "I wanna clean people teeth," he said with a deadly stare.

Redman's latest album was November 2015's Mudface. This week he formed a group with DJ Jayceeoh called 1000volts; listen to their first song here.

Watch the latest installment of Say What? above, and check back next Wednesday for more. If you can't wait, you can check out previous episodes with Snoop DoggAdam LevineZakk Wylde and Dave Grohl.