May 6, 2016


Rooney Bring Back Their California Vibes With 'Washed Away': Watch Our Interview

"Don't you go to the bathroom for one second 'cause you're going to miss something," frontman Robert Schwartzman says about Rooney's new album, Washed Away. The project, which brings in new members rather than the original high school lineup, is a return from a six-year hiatus.

Although Rooney's 2010 album doesn't seem like it came out that long ago to Schwartzman, it was time for something new. Washed Away "continues to build off the energetic, melodic, upbeat pop rock" of Rooney past and gives us strong West Coast vibes. 

Listen to Schwartzman talk about the band's latest LP in the video above, read our full interview with the singer here and check out "My Heart Beats 4 U" below: