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Pouya Responds to Feminists Who Dislike Him

The underground rapper admits that his lyrics don't exactly go over well with some listeners

Miami rapper Pouya, who gained recognition via Youtube a couple years back, stopped by the SKEE TV studio to discuss his creative process and vision.

"I'm inspired by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. They're my favorite behind OutKast because André 3000 is my Michael Jackson, you know what I'm saying? I always was into flows. My fans like my flows—that came from listening to Bone Thugs, listening to André. The first thing I hear when I hear a song is the rhythm, the way they flow it," Pouya tells DJ SKEE.

But, apparently, not everyone appreciates his rhymes. A feminist group who's "very anti-Pouya" had strong opinions about his lyrics.

"I guess because of lyrics like, 'Fat hoes got the warmest p-ssy,'" Pouya explains. "Music is music! It's like making a movie, you know? You gotta make music. You gotta let some emotions out; you gotta let some feelings out."

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