May 4, 2016


Snoop Dogg Talks Converse Rivalry on 'SKEE TV'

Back in the day, Snoop Dogg rocked Chuck Taylors from one star-studded event to another, clearly displaying his loyalty to Team Converse. But, as the rap legend revealed on SKEE TV, that relationship eventually deteriorated.

"It was a dispute that I had with Converse...You know, I made Chuck Taylor famous again. I made him relevant. And they told me, 'Chuck Taylor was here before you, and he gon' be here after you,' and I was offended by that," says Snoop.

"I vowed to make Adidas bigger than Converse and to chase Nike down, and we've been on their ass ever since I've been over there."

The "Gin and Juice" performer went on to list all the shoe styles he's designed over the years—skate shoes, football shoes, hustler shoes. He also shouted out, your "definitive cannabis resource."

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