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YesJulz Discusses the Impact of Music-Sharing Platforms

The Snapchat queen loves the opportunities and exposure that SoundCloud offers to unknown acts

Snapchat star and music promoter YesJulz has been changing how new artists get discovered. The Miami native sat down with DJ SKEE to discuss her music-sharing process and which acts have caught her eye lately.

"I think it's a really exciting time for music because anybody's got a shot now," she says.

"Somebody from a city in the middle of nowhere that makes really good music that has no connections in the industry, or no money to pay somebody to be a connect, could just upload songs on SoundCloud...and next thing you know, they're living their dreams."

YesJulz added that she's psyched to be managing New Jersey artist Shake, whom she discovered through a SoundCloud playlist.

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