May 19, 2016


Christophe Roberts Takes Us Inside his World of Sneaker Box Sculptures: Video

For the latest Sole Searching, host Esteban Serrano headed to Brooklyn to spend time with artist and sneakerhead Christophe Roberts, hot off Nike's Air Max Con event, where his signature sculptures, made only from shoeboxes, were front and center. "This is a crazy medium that has pushed me all the way here, to New York, from Chicago," Roberts said of his innovative work.

Watch above as Roberts lays out how he was inspired by "a lot of single, strong black women" as a kid, how figured out his craft and what he plans next.

Below, get a closer look at some of Christophe Roberts' formidable pieces, including a monkey Ghostface Killa–inspired eagle and an insanely detailed grizzly bear. "This is like ghetto origami," he says with a smile.