May 11, 2016


The Used Interview: Band Talks Acoustic Album & Anniversary Tour

Emo legends The Used swung by the Fuse offices recently to tell us all about their latest recording, Live and Acoustic at The Palace. The band got to play some of their biggest hits with a full orchestra, an experience they consider a career highlight.

Frontman Bert McCracken detailed the release:

"Before this tour we recorded the 'Live and Acoustic' record at that point that was the pinnacle of our career, to play with such professionals in such a vulnerable and exposed environment, to prove to ourself that 'This is us. This is all it takes for music to be important.'"

The guys are currently on the road for the 15th anniversary of being a band. It's more than just playing their first, self-titled LP back-to-back, like many bands of this genre tend to do: They're hitting every major U.S. city for two nights, playing their first two albums back-to-back. It's a lot! 

Watch the full explanation below. Then take our quiz: How Emo Are You?