May 23, 2016


Ty Dolla $ign Explains Twitter Fiasco With Fifth Harmony Fans: Billboard Music Awards Interview

Everyone knows how protective fans are of their artists, and Fifth Harmony's Harmonizers are some of the fiercest when it comes to Camila, Lauren, Normani, Dinah and Ally. Ty Dolla $ign found this out the hard way when he gave a Twitter shoutout to Camila Cabello during rehearsals for their 2016 Billboard Music Awards performance and fans wondered where the love is for the other ladies. 

He set the record straight with Fuse, and don't worry, there was nothing but love for all of 5H:

"They're so funny, man. The thing is: I already told all the other ones to their faces what I thought about their singing. I didn't get to say it to Camila so I said it on Twitter and they killed me!"

And for those worried, he did go on to tweet love for Lauren, Normani, Dinah and Ally.

Ty also spoke about the trickiness in blending genres like he does, emphasizing that award shows like the GRAMMYs need to reconsider hip-hop groundbreakers like him, Fetty Wap and Travis Scott.

Stay tuned for loads more from the 2016 Billboard Music Awards including the winners listred carpet fashionthe best onstage photos and more. Then check out Ty telling Fuse why his "Saved" video was the most "irritating" one he's ever done: