May 6, 2016


Meet the 'Zoombies' Animals & the Man in the Gorilla Suit

What's a zombie animal movie without an all-star cast of, well, animals?

Zoombies director Glenn Miller, who calls working on set with real animals "insane," gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at his main wildlife stars. In addition to badass monkeys, the film features gorgeous parrots, fierce lions, and even a dude in a gorilla suit.

"[Monkeys] carry the full spectrum of emotions that we do. What makes it possible to work with a complex animal like this, an intelligent animal, is relationship," says trainer Jeffrey Lee. "It's that mutual trust and respect that makes it possible for us to be able to take them on film sets and work around actors and film producers."

Lion trainer Steve Martin also gave insight into situations that may be dangerous for the actors.

"This particular lion has a thing about people in vehicles. He gets kind of excited over them, so I told them we couldn't have the actors actually in the Jeep when [our lion] is working on the hood."

Actor Ivan Djurovic, who plays Kifo the gorilla, is the lone individual who must wear a full suit. "In the suit, it's upwards of 115 to 120 degrees. I feel like I just got out of a swimming pool wearing a tracksuit with a sweat suit with a snowboarding onesie," he jokes.