June 18, 2016


Boy & Bear Forced to Play Without Power During a Tornado Warning: Watch Our Interview

Boy & Bear aren't used to tornadoes. After all, the folk-rock band never had to deal with them in Australia. During their show in Richmond, Virginia, on Thursday night, the power went out in the venue they were playing during a tornado warning.

About 160,000 people in Richmond area were without power, including The National, as a fierce storm swept through. But the lack of electricity didn't stop the band from putting on a show. They whipped out acoustic instruments, stepped to the front of the stage and continued their set that way.

"We got to play some songs acoustically in the dark for a half an hour and then we could never go back on because of the tornado warning. It was exciting and scary," they told us at Firefly Music Festival.

"Because we don't rely on just pressing on things and we actually play our instruments, we could continue, which was nice."

Check out our photos of Firefly shows here, and then watch our interview with Finish Ticket: