July 1, 2016


BToB Talk Music Aspirations, Cube Entertainment at KCON NY: Watch

BToB broke out big time thanks to their affinity for nailing classic ballads, earning several hits these past two years with singles like "It's Okay" and "Remember That." But backstage KCON 2016 New York Presented by Toyota, the band tells Fuse they're ready to be challenged with other concepts. Chicago-raised member Peniel explains:

"We're definitely open to trying out new genres. We'd been doing that, but since the ballad hit off, we stuck with it for a bit. But we're still open to trying other genres. The members want to try out a sexy concept—something like Justin Timberlake—you can expect a lot from us."

Speaking of sexy, the boys also share their fitness tips and how to have the confidence to flash your abs in public, like they did in their 2013 video for "Thriller."

The septet also offered comforting words to fans who may be worried about their record label Cube Entertainment, whose acts have gone through a lot of changes as Beast lost a member4Minute disbanded, and G.Na left the company. As Peniel puts it:

"There's been a lot of drama recently, but there's no need to worry. Don't worry, that's all I have to say is: Don't worry."

Watch the full interview above and below check out fellow KCON 2016 NY boy band DAY6 explain their musical inspirations: