June 19, 2016


Watch Civil Twilight Talk About Haters and Being Thankful For Their Fans

Civil Twilight are still touring in support of their 2015 record, Story of an Immigrant, and the band is enjoying the relaxed, communal vibes of The Firefly Music Festival. Fuse caught up with the band to talk about a number of things, including the magic of Firefly, helping people through music and dealing with the haters. Watch our chat with the South African band above. 

Frontman Steven McKeller is logically pretty stoked to be at Firefly. He told us: "People just seem to let loose when they're at festivals. Everyone's just a little more relaxed and it's like a license to just bum around and do nothing for a day or two...it's a dream."

But because life on the road ain't pretty all the time, McKeller also broached the topic of dealing with critics. He explained to Fuse that random keyboard warriors can be quite aggravating: "When the second record came out, I would look up what everyone was saying about it—and critics and everything—and it would really bum me out," he said with a laugh. No matter with that though! Drummer Richard Wouters explained that without their many fans "we wouldn't be playing anywhere and that would be a bummer."