June 29, 2016


DAY6 on Making Music Personal, Meeting Fans at KCON 2016 New York: Video Interview

Like many of the acts that performed at KCON 2016 New York Presented by Toyota, DAY6 got fans' hearts racing and with a set that moved through their gorgeous singles like "Letting Go," "Congratulations" and more. According to the K-pop-rock band, the reason listeners connect with them is from the personality they infuse into their music. As guitarist/rapper Jae explains:

"A lot of our content is from personal [experiences]. It's something that everyone has felt. It's something broad, but not general enough to where everyone's felt it; it's something that happened once in your life. We try to base our music off of something that's personal, but is at a level where everyone has had that experience once."

In fact, DAY6 tell us one particular KCON attendee was feeling them so much, she broke past the security guards and ran up to the guys to give them a high-five at their meet-and-greet. Sounds like they're getting their message through to us.

The band also gave insight to their creative process, gave a recording update and more in the video above. Check it out and then watch Eric Nam give us an update about his upcoming K-pop comeback, new music video and more: