June 28, 2016


Eric Nam Details Upcoming 'Into You' Music Video, July K-Pop Comeback: Exclusive

The summer of 2016 is an important one for Eric Nam. Not only does the K-pop singer/TV host have an extremely promising new single in "Into You" with EDM duo Kolaj—a track that Fuse noted could be a breaking moment for Korean artists in America—but he's gearing up for loads of more new music. Backstage in his dressing room at KCON 2016 New York, the Atlanta-raised star shares exclusive details on the upcoming projects.

Fans will soon get to see the music video for "Into You," which Nam says stars nine-year-old Fresh Off the Boat actor Ian Chen and was directed by Jon Jon Augustavo (MacklemoreRyan Lewis' "Thrift Shop" and "Can't Hold Us Down," Mike Posner's "I Took a Pill in Ibiza"). 

Eric adds that "Into You" won't be his only foray into the U.S. market as he continues to work on new music with American producers and songwriters, including a new track with Kolaj producer Mighty Mike.

Over in Korea, Eric is gearing up for his K-pop comeback that will follow up his Interview EP that boasted the hit "Good for You." He also told Fuse what to expect:

"The single is gonna drop, I would imagine, in mid-to-late-July...I think it's a great song, maybe because I wrote it, I'm a little partial to it. But I think it's a more fun, fresh sound than I've done before. It's very different than my last stuff too; it's very fit for the summer."

The K-pop crooner added that he shot the album jacket photos in Brooklyn during his trip to KCON New York and when he returns to Korea will shoot the single's accompanying music video. Watch the full interview above for more on Eric's projects and keep up with all of Fuse's KCON coverage here. Below, check out the best food we at the Korean culture festival below: