June 17, 2016


We Gave 'The Fighter & The Kid' Podcast Stars a Lie Detector Test: Watch

Podcast fans have fallen in love with Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen thanks to their The Fighter & The Kid series. The unlikely duo get millions of listeners each month who want to know more about the the UFC heavyweight and the actor-comedian.

We, too, are obsessed, and wanted to get to know the guys a little more too. So we hooked them up to a lie detector machine and administered a polygraph test. Check out the guys trying to pull out each other's deepest darkest secrets, including who's had an orgy, who's the biggest liar, and loads of talks about wangs. 

We also had the guys stop by Fuse's studios to talk more about their careers and how they launched such a successful show. Or as Bryan puts it, "I hooked up with a cage fighter and it turned out to be the best decision in my show business career."

Watch our interview below and be sure to check out all of Fuse's different podcasts, which dive into hip-hop, pop culture, K-pop, pop music and more.