June 18, 2016


Finish Ticket Reveal Why Festivals Let Them Do What They Usually Can't

Finish Ticket have been a band since 2008, and they're constantly on the road. But that doesn't mean that they've seen all there is to be seen. We met up with the band (in VIP no less) at Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware, they told us why festivals let them experience a lot more.

"When we're on the road, we don't get to check out our favorite bands who are also around on tour like back home in San Francisco," guitarist Alex DiDonato told us. "So we miss out on a lot of our favorite shows. But when we play festivals, we get to finally catch up on all the acts we've been wanting to see."

The dudes are playing two sets at Firefly (read our review of Gallant's two sets), and they admit they like playing with a full, hooked-up live band better. Check out our photos of such live shows at Firefly, and then watch our interview with Boy & Bear, who told us all about playing during an almost-tornado on Thursday night: