June 19, 2016


Gallant Won't Talk About His Feelings, But He'll Definitely Sing About Them: Watch Our Interview

Gallant performed at Firefly Music Festival twice on Friday, and each time it felt like we could hear inside his soul as he poured out his heart without a filter. And when we got a chance to talk to the up-and-coming R&B singer, he told us that he's well aware of it. 

"When I'm on stage, it's similar to when I'm writing music alone," he told Fuse. "I'm saying things that I would never say in front of other people"

His album Ology was released in April, and on it, he sings about vulnerable situations like love, leaving New York and fitting in. "I don't like talking about my feelings. I don't like talking about myself with anyone else," Gallant said about what makes the album so special. While he's introverted, fans know him better than ever through his music.

Watch the clip above, and then read our full interview with the singer. And for more Firefly, watch our interview with Fitz & the Tantrums below: