June 10, 2016


Advice for the Class of 2016 From Tegan and Sara, Grace Potter & More: Get Inspired

Hey Class of 2016, first off, congratulations! We know now is an exciting time in your lives, but also scary as the next adventure awaits you. Whether it's high school, college, grad school or real-life adulthood that's around the corner, we've got some of your favorite stars offering some advice to help make that transition a little easier.

Check it out above as Tegan and Sara emphasize the importance of traveling and living in a new areas, TJR stresses staying on top of finances and Rooney explains how to not to get caught up in one's own restrictive rules.

Then below watch as Grace Potter shares the advice she wishes she'd known upon graduation, what Fitz & The Tantrums wish for this new generation graduates and why the Indigo Girls wish they'd push themselves harder when they were graduates.

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