June 20, 2016


Grouplove's 'Big Mess': Inside the Chaotic Creation of the New Album

L.A. indie heroes Grouplove just announced their third album, Big Mess, set to drop Sept. 9. And luckily enough, Fuse got to hang with the band at Firefly Music Festival 2016 over the weekend. 

They let us know right up front that Big Mess was named after the chaotic environment in which it was created—power outages, construction, and water issues in their home, plus Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi's new baby, all at the same time. (Little Willa was "definitely a source of inspiration—part muse, part baby.")

Watch the vibrant Big Mess trailer below, featuring three minutes of delicious new Grouplove sounds:

Big Mess follows 2013's Spreading Rumors. Hooper says it's her favorite Grouplove LP so far, and that there's "a lot of fun, really creative stuff coming around the album, too, that's all gonna be a surprise."

Glimpse Grouplove's rocking Firefly performance in Jatnna Nuñez's live gallery from the fest, and watch our on-the-ground interview with Gallant: