June 27, 2016


What KCON Tastes Like: Join Us on Our K-Food Tour

Yes, KCON gets everyone excited for its diverse lineup of K-pop acts to meet and watch perform, but fans need their fuel for screaming. Luckily, every KCON has a top-notch mix of Korean food vendors and trucks on hand, and Fuse went on a tour of the spots that had lines all weekend long at KCON 2016 New York.

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Watch above as we chow down on tacos from Korilla, try traditional Korean food at Yupdduk, indulge in a rice bowl from My Four Suns, have some Melona for dessert and stuff ourselves with loads of delicious food.

In addition to two days' worth of crazy concerts, the food might have been the most satisfying part of the festival. We can't wait to get eating in Los Angeles next month.

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