June 3, 2016


Kendra Wilkinson Talks 'Kendra On Top,' Starting a Music Career

Kendra Wilkinson has been a lot of things in her life, and now, her focus is squarely on music. "Lost In Space" was released as her first single, and we caught up with the blonde bombshell to discuss how she found herself pursuing the sonic arts. She explained:

"Music is something that I've always wanted to explore but I never really had the time, becoming a mom and a wife and all that. Now I'm finally exploring it. I'm 30 years old right now and now is the time to do what I want to do. I pretty much lived out my bucket list in my 20s. I did everything under the sun. I've done it all."

She also told us all about the last two seasons of her WE tv show, Kendra On Top. Watch that below! 

You can never really have too much Kendra, right? 

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