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Kendra Wilkinson Is Not About Duck Lips When It Comes To Selfies

In this Fuse original video, the TV personality shows us how to take the perfect selfie. It's a real skill!

How do you take the perfect selfie? We thought we'd ask former Playboy bunny/television queen Kendra Wilkinson for some advice, and of course, she delivered. She told us:

"You want a good little background. You want to explain where you are and the energy, where you're at." 

As far as duck lips go, she's not a fan:

"It's stupid, right? You can kind of do a semi-duck lip and get away with it. Sometimes you've gotta put a little personality in it."

How many shots does it take to get the perfect picture? For Kendra (like literally everyone else on Earth) it's a lot.

"I take probably 100 pictures and I find one photo out of 100 photos to post and sometimes I don't even post them."

Same, Kendra. Same. Next up: watch another video interview with Kendra where she tells us all about her new music career. That's below!

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