June 9, 2016


Korn Guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch Gets Personal About Almost Dying From Addiction

In 2013, Korn fans everywhere rejoiced at the news that founding guitarist Brian "Head" Welch had returned almost a decade after his abrupt exit. The band quickly made magic with The Paradigm Shift, their 11th album, and kept touring the world. Now, in Head's third book, With My Eyes Wide Open: Miracles & Mistakes on My Way Back to Korn, we're getting the full story of everything that happened in between.

Head's struggles with addiction amid the backstage culture of drugs and alcohol brought things to a head in 2005. "I almost died from it. I had my methamphetamine dealers sending me eight-balls to whatever country I was in," he tells us in the interview above. "Who does that?"

Head's Christian faith and his role as a single dad gave him a new purpose. "I was just so, so empty," he says. "I found my faith, and I had to do something for this precious girl, and so I left my career to raise her." With My Eyes Wide Open goes into detail about Jennea's own struggles as a teenager, and how she and her father worked through their hard times together. 

Watch our interview above, then check out our on-the-scene report from Korn's 20th anniversary tour (they played their whole debut!) and listen to Head talk about nu-metal and Korn's "rap-rock" legacy at the 9:15 mark in this episode of the Back of the Class podcast: