June 12, 2016


Ballet Is Why Leon Bridges is So Smooth: Watch

“Give everything, even if you’re playing to five people,” is Leon Bridges’ advice to young artists growing into their own right in front of audiences as they go. Fuse caught up with Bridges at Bonnaroo 2016, and he tells us it was the moves of Usher and Michael Jackson, and the ballet and jazz the rising R&B star studied in college that gave him the confidence to stand up in front of his expanding audiences. Check out what he had to say about inspirations, dance, getting loose at festivals, and the current hip-hop he loves in the video player above.

Bonnaroo 2016 wraps up today in Manchester, TN. Catch all of Fuse.tv’s Bonnaroo coverage, plus watch the official Bonnaroo livestream right here.

Below, check out Leon Bridges’ recent Fuse First interview: