June 18, 2016


Night Riots Say Their Next Album Will Be Who They ~Really~ Are

Night Riots have been around for a minute, sending their dark pop songs into the electronic rock world most recently with last year's Howl EP, but when we met up with the band after their set at Firefly Music Festival they say that they're just coming into their own.

From the "Hammock Hangout" area at the festival (which is basically a bunch of hammocks strewn from tree to tree in the shade), the Cali band told Fuse that their next full length project will be out in October (eeeee!) and that it's the most them that they've ever felt.

"I feel like now that we took a year off to finish this full length, it was like a deep breath," Travis Hawley said. "And now we're putting out what we really think we are."

Watch the full interview above, and then, check out our mini-doc with Night Riots from 2013, below, for a little throwback fun: