June 1, 2016


Rey Mysterio on Why 'Lucha Underground' Is Different Than Your Typical Wrestling Show

Lucha Underground is the addictive series from Survivor mastermind Mark Burnett, delivering a ringside look at the savage and dramatic world of lucha libre wrestling. One of its stars, Rey Mysterio—a wrestling icon with more than 25 years in the ring and multiple WWE and WCW titles—tells Fuse why the show is a refreshing take on your usual wrestling program:

"They definitely stepped away the traditional, American wrestling; the character buildup tends to get a little saturated and maybe outdated. Here, it's the complete opposite: When it's wrestling time, it's wrestling time, and we go full-blast, man. 

"The character buildup and development has a very cinematic feel to it, a very lucha libre-style in the ring, and backstage it's characters are beyond normal." 

Watch above as the masked Mysterio gives more insight to his personal connection to Lucha Underground. Then below, check out Rey picking apart some of his rivals including Puma, Phoenix and more: