June 10, 2016


Allan Kingdom Talks "Coming Home" for Soundset Festival

After appearing alongside Kanye West on the GRAMMY-nominated banger "All Day," Allan Kingdom has catapulted into the spotlight for his effortless, but distinct, flow.

The rising talent, born in Canada but raised in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, recently returned to his hometown to perform at Soundset Festival, the nation's biggest hip-hop festival.

"It's wild because it's like I'm just coming home," says Kingdom. "It's cool to be with my friends and, at the same time, to be around so many artists in the industry in my hometown. It's very natural and relaxed."

On how his life has changed in the past year, Kingdom appreciates his ability to spread music at a crucial period of growth in his life. "It's been cool because this is like a transitional age—transitional period—and I feel like I'm just finding myself in the dopest of ways. Just traveling the world and seeing where my music has hit the most."

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