June 10, 2016


Mick Jenkins Names His Biggest Musical Influences

A first-time performer at Soundset Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Mick Jenkins didn't have to travel far from his Chicago stomping grounds.

The 25-year-old rapper, whose debut album [T]he [H]ealing [C]omponent drops this summer, sat down with host DJ SKEE to discuss his favorite hip-hop acts. After naming Anderson Paak as someone he's excited to see perform, Jenkins revealed that his cousin first introduced the group Little Brother to him.

"That was what I was introduced to hip-hop with. Before that, it was just what I heard on the radio...Once I caught wind of Little Brother, then it kind of developed. It was Common and Talib Kweli, and then Black Star, and then Mos Def," says Jenkins.

"Then once Kanye [West] came out, it was just all Kanye for awhile, until I started writing my own music."

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