June 13, 2016


Song Premiere: Blowout Emo-Pop Single, 'Green Couch'

When it comes to inventive, independent rock bands in America in 2016, most minds would jump to the breeding ground of Philadelphia (Hop Along, Modern Baseball and the like.) But killer tunes, especially that of the pop-punk and emo variety, are happening everywhere. Allow us to introduce to you Portland's Blowout, your next obsession...especially if you're into '90s-leaning Jade Tree Records-inspired sounds. 

Today we're pumped to share with you the latest single from their upcoming debut full length, No Beer, No Dad. It's called "Green Couch." Press play above!

Travis King of the band says of the track:

"When we wrote Green Couch, we were all definitely stuck in a rut.  Some of us were working 60 hours a week or in doomed relationships.  Simultaneously, all you can do is laugh at and celebrate your mistakes, so lyrically it reflects a little of both.  As a whole, the song has pop elements, but our headspace pushed us away from the earlier sound of our EP.  This song’s bouncing guitars and more fluid drumming definitely informed our sound while writing the rest of our album."

Check it out! No Beer, No Dad is out August 5. You can pre-order it via Lauren Records or Making New Enemies.