June 9, 2016


#TBT 2004: My Chemical Romance Talk 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge' in 2004

Back in the day, Fuse had this kickass show called Daily Download. Loads of your favorite bands from the Warped Tour scene rolled through our studio to chit chat and today, we revisit a vintage clip of My Chemical Romance doing the thing. This is Throwback Thursday after all!

It begins with Gerard Way discussing the title of MCR's 2004 album, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. He told us:

"We had the title early on, as soon as we were finished with our first record. It came to me...I don't know, I just wanted something that flowed like the first one. We saw Dr. Pepper and Virgin Mary and she told us what it was going to be. That's usually how we get songs and titles and things like that."

Way is also responsible for the release's now iconic art, telling us, "I used to be a comic artist. I was actually a failed comic artist."

Hilarious since he's killing it in that department now! Make sure to try our Which Gerard Way Are You? quiz and The Ultimate My Chemical Trivia Challenge. When you're done there, watch a 2006 interview with Gerard Way: