June 17, 2016


Go Inside 'Tekken 7' at E3: Video Interview

Fuse has been giving you an all-access pass to 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo, a.k.a. E3, all week long. Our latest venture at the mega gaming convention is speaking with Mark Religioso, the brand manager at Bandai Namco, about Tekken 7. For video game fans who are anticipating its release, he is here to answer your diehard questions.

First up, Tekken 7 will be made available Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC, and is set to drop in early 2017. Religioso also explains how the game showcases the storyline behind the fights:

"In a lot of fighting games, you see a story, a cinematic pause and then you have a regular head-to-head battle. So here, there's a lot more dialogue mixed in to really make that fight feel personal. Obviously Akuma is in the game. Akuma is not even in Street Fighter now, so you gotta play him in Tekken 7."

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